Blessed Friday @ Gilda Music Lounge

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Blessed Friday @ Gilda Music Lounge

We know you’ve been waiting for it… From Monday on, you look at the clock at work, deduct the days as they go by, longing for the days that turn into nights, nights into memories… Or not, if Tequila’s involved.

Dear sinners, your quest is over ! Find redemption for all your bad thoughts of the week within your favorite confessional.

The members of #Gilda welcome you Friday, The 25th of May to listen to your sins and free you for all your sins…

Our Father, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil because… Thank God it’s Friday !

Eat like GILDA, drink like GILDA, party like GILDA,

Sorry kids, this is an exclusive 18+ event !

!!!! Never drink & drive !!!!

Rezervari: 0786770941 /
Intrare libera, pe baza de rezervare!
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